Storage Made Easy provides a software solution, the Enterprise File Fabric™, which unites on-cloud and on-premises file and object storage infrastructure indexing file and object metadata and content. The metadata is used to build a global file system and enforce compliance with current and incoming legislation and provide enhanced cybersecurity against data challenges, whilst also accelerating end user and system workflows.


Kloudspot is a robust, network and cloud agnostic SaaS platform that rides on the edge of any network infrastructure and connects via open APIs to key business productivity applications including Salesforce, Tableau, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Docusign and more. Kloudspot Platform uses data collected from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, environmental sensors and connected cameras, married with artificial intelligence (AI), to convert the physical actions and movements of people and devices into digitally treatable data, and extract meaningful insights. With these insights, it’s easy to develop rules that trigger engagements in the physical world. And the platform continually learns and optimizes those engagements on its own through advanced AI and ML.

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